What we want is high minded, like minded, loyal hearted girls who will work together happily and hard according to their talents for worthy achievements in and for their college. We want girls who will not only take a lot of fun and happiness out of college but also put some useful service into it, who will have enough grace to be popular, enough generosity to enjoy life with others and the esteem of others, but enough character to do all this without making the slightest concession of principal or conduct.
— Stella George Stern Perry, AOII Founder

Letter from our VP Membership Recruitment

VPMR Headshot.jpg

Hi All, 

I am so excited that you are interested in joining the Greek Community here at Columbia! I love Alpha Omicron Pi and I am so lucky to call so many amazing women my sisters. Formal Recruitment is a strenuous process, but I know you will find your home wherever it may be in the Columbia Community. 

From the first moment I stepped into AOII’s room during recruitment, I felt embraced. Every woman I spoke with was someone I aspired to be like and be friends with. I met actors, directors, cheerleaders, fencers, artists, engineers, and writers. I met accomplished, brilliant women who genuinely cared about me and who I was. I still remember the overwhelming excitement I felt when I put on my first AOII t-shirt, and it is the same excitement I feel for every new sister that joins AOII. My sisters make me want to be my best self; all the time, every day. 

AOII is a group of diverse, driven, and amazing women held together by love, shared selflessness, sincerity, and loyalty. Alpha Omicron Pi started here at Columbia 128 years ago and as the Alpha Chapter we strive to exceed the expectation and inspire ambition every day. This chapter has given me future bridesmaids, shoulders to cry on, and friends I will cherish for my whole life. More than that, it has given me a home at Columbia. I can’t imagine my life without these women, and I hope you will have the opportunity to meet and admire them as I do.

Alpha Love and Mine,

Natalie Gaisser

Vice President of Membership Recruitment, 2017 - 2018


Formal Recruitment 2018

January 25-29, 2018: Register here!

FR 2018 Registration closes December 31, 2017. The structure of Columbia Panhellenic Formal Recruitment is as follows:

Philanthropy Day

On Philanthropy Day, Potential New Members (PNMs) will learn more about Alpha Omicron Pi’s national philanthropy, Arthritis Research, as well as AOII Alpha’s other philanthropic efforts. Our committed sisters take service very seriously and continually work to improve the world around us. PNMs will visit all six sororities on this day.

Chapter Development Day

The next day is our Chapter Development Day, where PNMs will get a sense of AOII Alpha’s amazing sisterhood and what makes our chapter so remarkable. PNMs will learn about our sisterhood events, active alumnae involvement, thriving leadership opportunities and so much more. PNMs will visit a maximum of four sororities this day.

Preference Night

The last recruitment event of the weekend is Preference Night, where PNMs will learn about what exactly makes AOII Alpha so special and what being a member of Alpha Omicron Pi really entails. During this hour long party, PNMs will get a chance to sit and chat with a sister about our Fraternity’s ideals, values, and beliefs. PNMs will visit a maximum of two sororities this day. The end of this Night marks the conclusion of the Formal Recruitment process.

Bid Night

Bid Night is one of our chapter’s most memorable days. The Bid Night celebration welcomes our new members into Greek Life and introduces them to all of their soon-to-be sisters! It is truly a night to remember and AOII’s warmly embrace our newest additions to our sisterhood.