Alphas in the City

The end of summer is always this beautifully anxious melange of desiring to hold on to the moments that are so distinctly l’été, while also feeling excited to move forward. Amazingly enough, I’ve had AOII to make my summer in the city great, and I’ll have it to make my senior year great.

This is the second summer that I’ve spent in New York City and I know that I’m never going to get over it. Despite how honestly gross the weather can get and missing Happy Hour meal deals because you’re stuck working 10-6, I love spending my summer here. This summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern at Andrea Rosen Gallery and at Artforum magazine, but I also naively did not expect that working two jobs would leave me wanting sleep more than food, Netflix, and exercise. Living in Brooklyn, it was tremendously easy to want to leave Manhattan immediately after work, but that would be settling for a summer experience, and settling is something I haven’t gotten acquainted with. 

Summers are for brunches and concerts and lunch in the park that turns into a two-hour museum visit and I had all of these little adventures with AOIIs.  As the start of school is getting close, I don’t want to have to stop living my #bestlife, but, realistically, brunch, concerts, and museums will still be around and so will all of the girls who created those moments with me. Like lol the season is ending, not my desire to have a good time. So here’s to living to the fullest in the fall ✌🏾

-Nectar Knuckles