Why We're Thankful For AOII

From giving us a second family to constantly pushing us to exceed the expectations, check out the reasons why 16 of our sisters are thankful this Thanksgiving holiday!

The fourth Thursday of November - also known as Turkey Day. A day of mashed potatoes, pie, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, more pie... Between the mouthfuls of dishes your family has been up since 9am preparing ended up ordering from the local grocery store, it's so easy to forget that there is more to life than the food immediately in front of you. Thanksgiving is ultimately a day to give thanks, so we set out to discover what aspects of their AOII experiences our sisters are most thankful for.

Morgan Apostle I'm thankful for AOII because I've never had the chance before now to be part of a sisterhood of women who inspired me daily. AOII is a group of women with many different interests and strengths, and I'm thankful for the chance to cross paths with these amazing women who I otherwise might not have had the chance to!

Sarah Green I'm thankful to AOII for bringing me the big and little sisters I was always missing. Amelia, I'm so grateful for your guidance, love, and support in everything I do. Mabel and Morgan, I'm so proud of the amazing young women you already are, and I'm thankful I get to be a big sister to you both. Lineage love.

Isabel Turits I believe there are very few instances in one's life when one has the chance to find friends linked through shared values of sisterhood, togetherness, loyalty, love, strength, and perhaps, a purposely indescribable sensation of calmness and wholeness that still fails to fully illustrate the pure happiness one feels when with people one considers sisters. I am truly grateful to AOII for showing me that these instances are not mere moments in novels or scenes in films but are and will remain segments of my college experience and a part of it I will choose never to forget.

Nectar Knuckles I'm beyond thankful for AOII because every day I'm reminded that I'm a part of this sisterhood even an ocean away. Being in Paris for the semester has been an amazing opportunity so far, but it wouldn't be half of what it is without my daily dose of Alpha love.

Helen Guo I'm thankful for AOII because it gave me a leadership position and the support from the chapter has inspired me to work harder. My sisters consistently give me overflowing amounts of love and inspire me to exceed the expectation every day.

Elizabeth Neureiter I'm thankful for AOII because it has helped me meet so many amazing people that I never would have known about otherwise. It has helped me find a place where I can feel at home in such a big university. 

Nia Colon They're there for me for my highs and lows, to celebrate my career accomplishments with, and to be the shirts to ugly cry on when life sucks. They are literally the most amazing group of loving women I could have asked for here at Columbia and I am forever thankful that AOII has brought me to them.

Anne Scotti I'm thankful for AOII because my friends have become my family and so much more. My sisters light up my life each and every day with so much joy. Alpha love and all of mine to all my sisters!

Jess Hui AOII brought me and Mabel back together. We met at summer camp in Stanford and lost touch for almost 7 years. It took going through recruitment and ending up in AOII to reunite the pair of us. Mabel has now become the person I turn to for advice, the one who never judges me for my (fantasy) football obsession, the friend who I can always count on to laugh at me when I fall before worrying and helping me up. AOII transformed an old friend into a best friend.

Emily Felsen AOII is home to some of the brightest and most compassionate women I've ever met, and I couldn't be more thankful to call them my sisters.

Sarah Krosnick I am thankful for AOII because it makes our fast-paced and busy city-campus feel like a warm, welcoming home.


Mason Speta I'm thankful for AOII for introducing me to some of the best women I know, and for giving me an opportunity to make a difference on this campus.

Sophie Dimich Louvet Because you get to see your little grow into the leader you always knew she could be. Through AOII, I also met people that I never would have met otherwise. Those people are now not only my sisters, but also my best friends. I am also thankful for AOII because I have gotten mAOII is my home away from home.

Natalie Gaissler I'm thankful for AOII because being apart of it has given me a second family.