A Letter to My Lovely Little Lindsey

This is the letter that I wrote my Little the night before Big/Little Reveal.

Dearest Little (Lindsey),

First, I hope you like your presents! I've put soo much sweat and tears into them, mostly tears because I'm always afraid you won't like my presents. =/ You don't have any idea how much you mean to me. Never did I imagine finding a more perfect little at Columbia - you are like a mini me :) I didn't even know it was possible to fall in love with another person this much - i'm obsessed. I didn't even think I was going to get a little this semester because I was kind of over the whole big/little ordeal.

But then I met you.

And I just knew that you were meant to be mine. It was so immediate it was scary. Like boom, missing piece to my puzzle, went home that night when I first met you and texted your gbig saying that I found her glittle :)

I knew if I wanted to get / ever got a little, she'd have to be *the one* and I'd want to go all out for her. Considerably, my friends were all "__, why are you killing yourself with presents? It's just your little, she'll love you regardless" and I got that, but I still wanted it to be perfect. You know how some people dream about their weddings? That's how I was last year for my big/little week lol. So I'm probably the cause of my own stress / definitely do not want to look at my credit card statement for a while but it was so worth it <3. (Your big is very self-indulgent - it's bad and I can never stop myself #shopaholic.)

As your big, I promise to be there for you for now and for always. To keep you company whenever you need me to, to pig out with you, to listen to you vent when you feel homesick/alone. To be your person to cry on when life is unfair and to giggle with you if you ever need advice. Not only to guide you through AOII, but through life. To be the one you call when you're frustrated with your English paper. To tell you how perfect and beautiful and amazing you are when you're feeling down and the world is against you. When you feel like giving up, to be there for you and tell you you can make it. Because even though you may have the title as "my little" in AOII, you're my little sis for life.

I like you for now, but I'll love you forever. I honestly don't know how i got to be so lucky with you. You have such a pure and genuine heart, and are beautiful inside and out. Lindsey, you've been such a blessing in my life and I can't wait for reveal!! I'll try not to cry tears of happiness. :P